All of our agents and linguists have signed confidentiality agreements and are ready to sign their own confidentiality agreements if necessary. All of our systems and technologies are protected by 128-bit encryption. If you require it, we are prepared to sign our own confidentiality agreements in order to conclude security when translating legal documents. Translations of legal documents can sometimes contain very sensitive information, but you don`t have to worry about compromising it. Our systems are protected by 128-bit encryption technology and our team of staff and linguists sign all confidentiality agreements. The CONFIDENTIAL agreement to look away from the Mediterranean. Our distribution and project management teams are available 24 hours a day and, thanks to our on-site expertise, we can also identify the specific procedures to follow. Using our network of more than 9,500 local professional linguists in the country, we are able to provide legal translations and high quality legal locations of Afrikaans in more than 250 other languages. And don`t worry, it`s all confidential… As an agency, we have many skills, including: TranslateMedia is a leading company in the translation of legal documents and if you come to us, you can be sure to work with an organization that understands the importance of accurate translation services.

Our translation of Afrikaan`s legal documents is much more than taking the printed text on a document and translating word for word. Not only do we offer translation legal services for law firms, lawyers and financial companies, but TranslateMedia is the preferred legal translation office for brands, retailers and technology companies. Of course, each law firm has its own areas of activity, in which it has specialized, and we know that your requirements for translating legal documents will be different. Law firms can establish themselves as specialized experts with content strategy and present their practice to a whole new audience. Smart contracts use the blockchain to create a decentralized ledger that records all contract transactions securely. With our many years of experience in providing competent translation services, you can be sure that we can provide you with accurate and timely processing of all translations of legal documents that you have in charge. We have specialized teams of Afrikaan linguists in different fields and skills. They are experts in their sector, with relevant knowledge and experience, and we help them work according to their skills. Although the majority of our Afrikaan linguists are based in South Africa, we also have local African translators and interpreters around the world. Our global project management presence and distributed teams of Afrikaans translators give you real benefits if you have narrow rotation requirements. That`s why we only employ experienced and talented Afrikaans translators and collaborators with a number of skills who can provide a valuable service. We are able to offer certified and notarized translations of Afrikaans.

Our information from the industry and the members of the association allow us to issue letters of authenticity stamped. However, in some situations, a notary is also required. It is important to check the degree of authentication, if any, so that we can offer the corresponding African legal translation service. Since these are legally binding contracts and valuable information, it is important that those who translate legal documents on your behalf know exactly what they are being asked to do. We understand that your requirements for translating legal documents will vary, as we also work in a wide range of areas, including dispute resolution, insurance, intellectual property, private equity and taxation.