any other priority unsecured debt, based on the amounts liability liability, if any in our remaining assets. In one of the above events, we cannot assure you that there are enough assets to pay the amounts earned on the Exchange Notes. As a result, foreign exchange bondholders may receive less advice than holders of our secured debt. All restricted bonds that have been offered to the exchange but which, for one reason or another, are not exchanged, are returned to the bearer free of charge or, in the case of restricted obligations offered by book transfer to the exchange agent`s account at DTC according to the procedures described above, these restricted bonds are credited to an account managed by DTC for restricted bonds. This return or credit is made immediately after the termination, rejection of the offer or the closing of the exchange offers. You can re-tender for restricted notes that have been duly withdrawn at any time on the expiry date or before the expiry date, following one of the procedures described in “Restricted Note Reporting Procedure.” As of June 30, American Axle had approximately $280 million in cash, cash, short-term investments and promised credit capacity for its credit facility. Your offer, if not withdrawn before the expiry date, is an agreement between us and you on the terms and conditions described in this prospectus and in the letter of transmission. The new senior Secured Credit Facilities contain agreements that limit our ability to make distributions or other payments to our investors. In addition, these agreements include agreements that limit, among other things, the ability of AAM Inc.: if we are late due to a breach of the credit contract or otherwise under the credit contract or our withdrawal, any outstanding amounts contained in it could be due and payable immediately. We cannot assure you that in the future, in the event of a default, we will be able to obtain a waiver of a credit contract, an intrusion or a similar instrument.