Apprenticeship agreements are issued by BME, including courses approved by the BME faculty. Courses registered by BME but not approved are cancelled at Neptune and do not appear in apprenticeship contracts! If you would like to study IN HUNGARIAn, please contact the Erasmus coordinator of your BME faculty to discuss the courses available to you in Hungarian and ask him to inform the CAD ( before 1 February 2021 of the Neptune codes of your Hungarian courses to include these courses in your BME portfolio and your learning agreement, otherwise you cannot learn courses in Hungarian. So don`t try to download your apprenticeship agreement on your online application, as it is issued and signed by BME. CityU has exchange agreements with a large number of foreign institutions. All CityU students can apply to these institutions for student exchanges. The College of Engineering (CENG) and our department have also entered into agreements with a number of institutions. Our students can also apply to these institutions. Apprenticeship contracts concluded and signed by BME after the first notification period are available by January 15. – Candidates for the Erasmus programme: there is no need to add an additional language certificate, but your home coordinator must confirm the required level by signing your apprenticeship agreement in the SECTION BEFORE MOBILITY, in the field of language skills. If Neptune`s course portfolio changes after January 3, final apprenticeship contracts will be issued until March 9, in accordance with Neptune`s final course portfolio, which will be added to the transcript at the end of the period. This apprenticeship agreement will then be signed by the student and his home coordinator and will also be put online in the BME database. Student exchanges can be a good learning experience.

Participating in a student exchange program allows you to live and study abroad for a few months. During this period, you are registered as a full-time student at a foreign institution. The student credits obtained can be taken into account in your academic program at CityU. If you want to include courses from another university in your program (after discussion and agreement from your graduate professor), you can apply to the review committee (well in advance). Please note that PROJECT TYPE COURSES (z.B. diploma project, graduation project, project laboratory, teamwork project, thesis project, etc.) are generally not offered for exchange and semester abroad. If you would like to take these courses first, please find and contact your competent professional manager with BME if they can manage your project and accept your application. If so, ask them to write a statement stating that they can monitor your work and contain the course code for the project type course. Please attach this statement to your learning agreement. If students do not receive such written permission from a tutor prior to their arrival, it is not possible to do so during mobility. The final work must always be agreed before arrival, i.e.

in the written statement of a competent superior to join your application. To make the necessary advance arrangements, please contact the coordinator of the competent faculty. Without the addition of this statement with the supervisor`s name and the course code of the project type course, these courses will not be accepted and will not be included in your course portfolio.