The categories of merchandising events are used on the trade allocation line. Their goal is to compare similar promotion types during the analysis phase. Merchandising events with trading allocation agreement have no influence on the sales order management module selling trade premium management module in AX2012 can be used to manage discounts offered by credit distributors, wholesalers and retailers. We can use the management of commercial certificates to quickly establish, maintain and determine the status of business certificates. Data on the use of funds can be put in place to categorize the reasons for using funds for commercial premiums. Enter the name of the cost centre that provides the funds, and then enter a brief description of the cost center. If the contract is reserved and the rebate does not need to be approved, the system reserves the definition of the discount according to the establishment of the merchandising commercial allocation agreement: the bargaining allocation line with the amount -“percent” and the value – 25%. These are our amounts. “Order from,” “Order to” – Period of validity of the agreement Defining merchandising events, funds and commercial bonuses that are not related to an invoice.

The terms and conditions of the rebate are set out in the agreement on commercial premiums (essentially the discount agreement). First define the validity of an agreement, then count the discounts. Based on the agreement awarded to the customer contract for the specific volume of sales over a period of time, AX will accumulate discounts and pay later. Enter the name of the period in the trading allocation box. For example, the New Year`s Eve party or the summer sale. There are four types of product category hierarchy that can be applied to a trading premium: Trade Allowance Management > Setup > Merchandising Event Category Commercial certificate management settings are used to enter standard information to be used by the system if the information has not been shown at a lower level and to select numbers for the module. There are both mandatory and optional settings for commercial certificates: the funds define a sum of money that can be allocated to commercial certificates. The implementation of the funds defines not only the budgeted amount, but also the authorized period, debtors and articles. Funds can be distributed on different commercial certificates. Funds can be created to be used exclusively for reporting purposes. Procedures explain how you can set up the information you need to establish trade certificate agreements. A trade rebate agreement is an agreement between a producer and a distributor to temporarily reduce the prices of items or services.

This temporary discount allows the distributor to offer a sale or promotion to customers for a limited time. The information you enter through these procedures become options that you can choose from the form you use to set up a trading allocation contract. Access Trade Allowance Management > setup > hierarchy of the AX2012 R3, Billback, Lumpsum, Off-bill, Commercial Promotions Marketing goals can be created and then entered into the trading allocation to provide a statement of promotions and sales proposed by your organization. If you`re changing many items, use discounts at times to promote sales, move old lines, etc. With negotiation allocation agreements, you can use an extra-accounting agreement to check if a discount is added to your sales.